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Swimming is a good example of a low-impact physical activity for people with lower back pain.

Lower back pain is a common side effect of aging. Here’s how to go about preventing and relieving it.


Good posture is essential for preventing lumbar aches, as is the position you sleep in. Try to sleep on your side with your knees bent. If you can only sleep on your back, a firm mattress can help to prevent back aches.

In addition, maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce the amount of strain put on your spine. Try to exercise regularly, ideally by performing activities that are of moderate intensity.

You should also try to avoid lifting heavy objects. If you need to pick one up, keep your back straight, use your abdominal muscles and bend your knees.


As much as possible, try to integrate physical activity into your daily routine that won’t impact your back. Swimming and walking are two good examples. Yoga and tai chi are also great low-impact activities that allow you to gently stretch and strengthen your muscles.

Consulting a physiotherapist is another good idea, as these professionals can teach you various stretches and exercises that will provide relief. Massage therapy and ibuprofen can also help you manage your pain.

If these methods fail and the pain persists, be sure to consult a healthcare professional, ideally before it becomes unbearable or spreads to other areas of your body.