Today's Grandparent: What they're watching


I don't think I can remember a time when parents and grandparents haven't been worried about what the kids are watching on TV.

Some programs, even cartoons, are filled with violence, car crashes and the like. It's not all that surprising that a constant exposure to television can have an effect on the children.

But that exposure isn't always bad. And it's impact is sometimes unusual.

Our 4-year-old grandson is a very big fan of two particular TV shows.

One is Thomas and Friends about some railroad engines with faces and personalities. The other is Peppa Pig .

Both shows feature everyday life lessons through their stories. And both are produced in the United Kingdom.

We first noticed their impact on our grandson when he announced he planned to grow "Tomaatoes" in his backyard.

When we suggested he meant tomatoes he replied "No. Tomaatoes. I don't like tomatoes."

Next, when my wife and I went on vacation, we learned that our grandson told his teacher we were "on holiday."

The moral lessons offered on these two programs are valuable. Little did we know they'd come with a British accent.

Now we tend to listen to him and say "Good show young man."

Hope all your news is good.

David DeCosmo is a retired TV reporter. He and his wife escort tours for Travelworld in Scranton & Kingston.

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